Sharaf HQ Investment is an Emirati owned family business established in Dubai in May 2014 and lead since by Mr. Yasser Sharaf, its president. The company is part of the Sharaf Group (founded in 1975) one of the largest group in the Middle East.

Sharaf HQ Investment is a company that brings together energy and creativity to raise companies and franchises from startups to successful and recognized businesses. Our areas of expertise are retail, automotive services, hospitality, spa, leisure & amusement, IT consultancy & solutions and media production.

Our corporate structure is specifically designed toward the support of our business units and carries out values such as: integrity, dedication, passion and excellence. We are associated with name such as Caroline Herrera, Adventure HQ, Hello Kitty Beauty SPA, Colette and Chill Out.

The company is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and operates in the Middle East countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain. Sharaf HQ Investment employs more than 700 highly competent people from a large variety of nationalities.


Mission Statement:

Sharaf HQ Investment’s mission is to bring our partners and our brands to the next level through excellence of the support departments, to be recognized as a partner of choice to synergize businesses and a place where employees grow along these businesses.


Sharaf HQ Investment thrives to build lasting and valuable memories for everyone where we are present, through innovation in providing outstanding and unique customer experiences and solutions.


Because humanity lays on complex structures, our values are multi-dimensioned.

Integrity : We act responsively for the only interest of our clients.
Trust & relationship : We empower our people with the chance to prove themselves.

Dynamism : Our startups brings winds of youth all over our businesses.
Expertise & excellence : Our strength is our people and their expertise. This is how we bring our partners to higher level.

Group synergies : More than an addition of individual we are an individual addition to the businesses strength.
Teamwork : Effectiveness is not a matter doing ones’ best but working together.
Organization : No power can be efficient without a strong frame.

Corporate Social Responsibilty

For Sharaf HQ Investments, CSR covers a large spectrum of activities: from the management of our relations with our employees, clients and suppliers to our performance in respect of the environment, human rights and diversity.


We are committed to operate our businesses in line with ethical and legal relevant directives, regulations and codes of practice. We are also committed to supporting the Government’s vision for Corporate Social Responsibility.
With view to achieve this we apply the following guidelines:

Trustful, transparent and objective practice in our relationship with our clients, employees and suppliers.

Acting responsible toward the confidentiality of information entrusted to the company.

Comply in any regards to the rule of law.

True, fair, free from bias reporting to our stakeholders.


As a company benefiting from the multinational environment we respect and encourage all fundamental human rights. We would not commit ourselves to any partner that is not in line with these principles. We give equal opportunity to all our staff to work and grow in the company and we apply strict measures to prevent any potential discrimination with regards to sex, marital status, race, religion, age, ethnic origin or nationality.


As a UAE based company we thrive, in the UAE and in the territory where we operate, to spread human values and promoting local development. We tend to support local nationals for employment and companies development. For instance we emphasize strongly Emiratization for recruitment and we encourage dealing with local organizations.