About Chillout

Chillout is a unique concept and is the only sub-zero ice lounge in the Middle East.  It is a technological innovation in refrigeration, lighting and architecture, and from an architectural point of view is an interesting combination of ice, glass and steel.  All these elements have been aesthetically composed to create one of the best ice lounges in the world.  Entirely made of ice and snow, guests can step into a sub-zero environment with the walls, tables, chairs and activity sculptures made out of ice.

New ice carvings, activities and events are regularly held or updated to provide guests with something new to experience on each visit.  Famous Dubai buildings are featured alongside animals and furniture.  Event based sculptures are added for the timescale of the event such as:
Ramadan, Eid, National Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentines  Guests enjoy the experience of a sub-zero environment, set at a constant -6c degrees.

As part of the entry price, guests are kitted out with thermal clothing.  Hat, Jacket, Boots, Gloves & Thermal disposable socks
Once inside there are many ice sculptures, an igloo, ice seating, ice slide and a refreshment counter.  A free hot chocolate is served to every guest.  The most popular activity is posing for many pictures that always look amazing on the guests’ social media pages.

We also offer a souvenir photograph and we have a range of merchandise – we even have packets of snow to take home!