<h3>Mr. Yasser Sharaf</h3>

Mr. Yasser Sharaf

President & Founder

Sharaf HQ Investment is a leading conglomerate with diverse portfolio investing and developing in a variety of businesses. Our ambition is to become the Region’s excellence provider to all our customer’s and partner’s lasting and valuable memories through continuous innovation.

We aspire and thrive to integrate responsible and long term management to our businesses, practice and human approach. We have chosen to place sustainable development at the heart of our strategy, making Sharaf HQ Investment the partner of choice for development of business project.
Our exemplary work ethics and standards recognize us as the preferred destination for our all stakeholders.

It is my wish that men and women of all sections of society who work at Sharaf HQ Investment keep being proud to experience and represent the values that we promote and practice.

We invest ourselves in what we believe and the community believes in our brands & services.

Management Team

<p><center>Mr. Farhan Al Bastaki</center>

Mr. Farhan Al Bastaki

CEO of Sharaf HQ Investement
<p><center>Mr. Bijoy Bose</center>

Mr. Bijoy Bose

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
<p><center>Mr. Shibily Moidy</center>

Mr. Shibily Moidy

COO Adventure HQ
<p><center>Mr. Stefano Campagna</center>

Mr. Stefano Campagna

<p><center>Mr. Sudhakaran Nair</center>

Mr. Sudhakaran Nair

COO Sharaf IT Solutions LLC
<p><center>Mr. Hassan El Hajjar</center>

Mr. Hassan El Hajjar

Operations Manager Yellow Hat